Rebus convert attendees into buyers

Over 1 million opportunities to monetize in your events:

As soon as the attendee buy a ticket for any type of event, our pop-up and messaging engine will immediately recommend key products and experiences customized just for them that extend beyond the event itself.

Our Upsell plug-in works on top of all event management platforms or ticketing websites like Eventbrite.

AI algorithm that is an easy-to-integrate plug-in that generates personalized recommendations so that attendees can buy customized experiences

Increase your revenue by up to 45%

Introduce Ancillary Revenue to your events with Rebus. We make it easy to create new products and experiences for your attendees to increase your revenue.

The Best Part?
Rebus integrates into your existing ticketing or event website

You don’t need to change a thing to get the benefits of Rebus. Our plug-in seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms or websites

Increase ticket sales by leveraging social media

Draw more interest with social media integrations that demonstrate who is attending certain events, including friends of users and celebrities.

Ancillary Revenue

Lures you into unique experiences

A new trend

What happens after you buy a plane ticket? Your airline offers thousands of options to enhance your travel experience.


The Ancillary Revenue generates 40%+ in profits a year for airlines. In 2018 alone, it made up 93 Billion USD industry wide.

Ancillary for events

Meet the speakers Check Live a VIP experience Check Arrive at the event by parachute Check Play a game with your favorite team Check The sky is the limit.

Ancillary opportunities

Entertainment, miles, comfort to live your best life. Those notifications are the Ancillaries that the airline industry offers.

Revenue Boost

Why settle for admission to the event, if you can immerse yourself in a world of unique experiences?

Proprietary technology

Our algorithm identifies 1 million new Ancillary Revenue opportunities for each event.


Our most important asset is our customers. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Thanks to Rebus’ professionalism, personalization, and agility, the TEDxUExternado experience was impeccable.

Alejandro Daly

TEDxUExternado Director

Thanks to Rebus, I accomplished my goal of having a Foros Semana app that was practical, informative, and user-friendly.

Marcela Prieto

CEO of Foros Semana

Rebus worked with us to develop a program that optimized appointment scheduling during our event. It met all our specifications and worked exactly as planned.

Carloina Rodríguez

Entrepreneurship Manager




What is ancillary revenue?

Ancillary Revenue are products or services outside of your primary revenue-generation. So, while your primary revenue stream comes from selling events tickets, you don’t want to miss out on ancillary revenue. For ticketing websites, this could include merchandise, VIP experiences, or upgrades. Rebus is an expert in ancillary revenue options for events – get in touch to learn more.

Why should I upsell?

Each year event organizers are having more trouble monetizing events. In fact, only about 20% of event revenue comes from merchandising, food, and other services that can be offered during events. Stop leaving so much money on the table and start upselling. 

Is Rebus for me?

Rebus is an AI algorithm that works as a plug-in that can be installed on any website, Application or ticketing site. It generates personalized recommendations so that attendees can buy additional experiences or products. With no need to replace your current technology, we integrate effortlessly through our API to your existing technology

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