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Our Awesome Core Features

Here’s what makes Rebus different.

Our Flow

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First, the event organizer uses the Rebus platform to customize the event app– for free.


Next, our algorithm issues tailor-made, real-time suggestions for content and products based on the specific profile of each attendee.


Finally, the attendee interacts with a custom-made app that caters to his or her specific needs and desires, increasing direct sales.

Increased revenue

Watch your revenue grow and pay only a small commission based on completed transactions.

A Win - win situation!

The app is completely *FREE

You only pay a small commission for each completed transaction.

Every user interacts with a tailor-made app targeted at their specific profile. They not only receive information about the event, like the agenda and speaker list, but also suggestions that cater to their needs and desires, instantly improving direct sales.

*When the event generates transactions above $15,000US, otherwise a licensing fee is charged



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