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Over 1 million opportunities to monetize in your events:

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Ancillary Revenue

lures you into unique experiences

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A new trend

What happens after you buy a plane ticket? Your airline offers thousands of options to enhance your travel experience.

Ancillary opportunities

Entertainment, miles, comfort to live your best life. Those notifications are the Ancillaries that the airline industry offers.


The Ancillary Revenue generates 40%+ in profits a year for airlines. In 2018 alone, it made up 93 Billion USD industry wide.

Revenue Boost

Why settle for admission to the event, if you can immerse yourself in a world of unique experiences?

Ancillary for events

Meet the speakers Check Live a VIP experience Check Arrive at the event by parachute Check Play a game with your favorite team Check The sky is the limit.

Proprietary technology

Our algorithm identifies 1 million new Ancillary Revenue opportunities for each event.

Our artificial intelligence technology and algorithm identifies, creates and monetizes unique Ancillary Revenue opportunities to satisfy your attendees and generate more revenue for you.

Want to know the best Ancillary Revenue opportunities for you?


We know your style, we know what you want and we will immerse you in the best experiences possible.

In microseconds our algorithm of AI and Machine Learning, matches the ideal Ancillary for each attendee according to the industry

A Disruptive Technology



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Ancillary Revenue

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